Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Scottish Trust Deed .Explained

Scottish Trust Deed is done for a specified period which is generally for three years.The advantage of the advantage of the trust deed is that after the specified term is over the remaining debts if any are written off.Scottish trust deeds will not cover secured debt such as loans secured on property or hire purchase agreements.Also bear in mind that if you wish to include unsecured debt that you have with your own bank then they may close,restrict or downgrade your existing account.A Scottish trust deed is a means to enable a debtor who is heavily suffering from financial difficulties,overwhelmed with unmanageable debts to write a proposal for repayment to creditors.This proposal is distributed to all the concerned creditors and in the case the debtor owes no more than 1/3 of his total debt to any single creditor,vote to reject the proposal by any of the creditors becomes invalid

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Scottish Trust Deed

So, what exactly does a Trust deed consist of? Or even a protected Trust deed for that matter? A Trust deed consists of a formal agreement or contract created between an Scotland resident and a certified insolvency specialized, who acts as the Trustee. The trustee will create a form of proposals and agreements, and forward the information to the Creditors, in order to gain their final approval, before a Trust Deed can be awarded. This deed will allow you to factor your household surplus income into exactly how much debt you can reasonably pay off each month, allowable for up to a three year period of time. If the deed qualifies under established criterion, it can then be officially registered as a valid, protected agreement. Once it is considered protected, creditors may no longer contact your household for any reason unless they have previously been granted permission by you. Interest rates and additional bank fees are completely frozen at this point. As a Trust deed is not the same the bankruptcy process, there is absolutely no court involvement needed. However, be aware that only unsecured debts, those not involving collateral assets, are eligible under a Trust deed. Additionally, there is no minimum required amount of capital that must be paid on a monthly basis under this type of contract. Only Scotland residents are eligible for this contractual agreement, which is essentially a Scottish IVA. A Trust deed acts as another option to debt management or bankruptcy, especially in cases where a bankruptcy is not warranted or debt management may not be practical or produce necessary results given a particular time frame.